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Are you a student that wants to get a feel for work at top organizations? These are the top internships in Nigeria today, by popular demand, supplied to you by Sesewa.

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SESEWA works with students throughout their schooling years to help them make decisions that affect their future career, SESEWA provides career services.

Intern Database

Are you a company looking for that "perfect-fit" intern? Look through the Sesewa Intern database today and find just what you need. It's your taste, and we cater to it.

Mentoring Scheme

The Sesewa Mentorship scheme offers an avenue for students hoping to take advantage of the experience and expertise of professionals in different sectors.

What we do

The SESEWA Brand is driven by excellence and a desire to bring a new edge to recruiting and professionalism in Nigeria's Workplace.

SESEWA is aimed at cultivating and maximizing the innate potentials of the Nigerian youth by providing them with platforms for development.

Our Programs


SESEWA Training

SESEWA has training schools whose courses are specially designed to help undergraduates gain valuable employability skills...


HR support program

SESEWA provides consulting services to companies on matters relating to incorporating an Internship Structure in their organisations...


The guidance counsellor

The role of the Guidance Counsellor is very important in Nigerian schools. These people can among other things help students...

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    2 days ago

    Sesewa is a Yoruba coinage, Se ise wa, which simply means 'is there a job?' The whole idea is to provide jobs in form of internships for the Nigerian youth...

  • Sesewa Unveiled
    2 days ago

    The time has come for youths to take active steps and become more proactive in the society rather than merely listen to motivational talks. This was the view of Miss Kunbi Adeoye...

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