What is it like to be a SESEWA Intern?

Explore The SESEWA Internship : An Insider’s Experience

One chilly Monday morning in my tiny closet, I sat in front of my laptop, searching for an internship for the six-month break. I didn’t care if it was going to be a paid opportunity or not as I just wanted to make the most of my holiday. I was tired of effortlessly sending out my well-crafted resume to hiring organizations and recruitment agencies and getting no replies. Fortunately, I stumbled on SESEWA’s website (www.sesewa.org) through the help of Nairaland Community and I was blown away by the multitude of career opportunities in it. It was the first time I’d seen a website offering such great intern opportunities for undergraduates in different fields relating to their career choice. Excited, I applied for an “Account Intern” position since I was studying Accounting at the University of Benin and really wanted a practical experience. I signed up, filled out the student form, uploaded my CV, and waited nervously for a response. Surprisingly, the next day, I got an email inviting me to a virtual interview on a set date.

On the day of the interview, I had to take a test before the actual interview started. When it was finally time, I connected via Google Meet and greeted the interviewer with a big smile, feeling confident that I would secure the internship. The interview process was conducted in a serene and professional manner, putting me at ease throughout. Two days later, I received an email from SESEWA, asking me to meet one of their clients in Lekki, Lagos State. I visited the client on a Friday morning for a brief interview and interview session was nothing short of what I experienced with SESEWA virtually. I felt optimistic that my dream of getting an internship would come true.
Then, on a Monday afternoon the following week, I received another email from SESEWA congratulating me on securing the internship. The email included an “Offer Letter” with all the internship details, and I was asked to start the next week. I was overjoyed and couldn’t contain my excitement.

The experience gotten from the six-month internship with the organization I was posted to has provided me with invaluable experience and essential skills. As a result, I am now exceptionally confident in my abilities in the career world. The internship provided me with a deeper understanding of the importance of gaining practical experience in my chosen career path and highlighted the significance of self-development alongside networking.
Throughout the internship, I actively utilized and honed my skills while learning and contributing to the organization. I found great satisfaction in my continuous personal growth. Moreover, I expanded my network by forming connections with individuals in higher positions as well as peers at similar stages in their careers.
Are you considering being a SESEWA Intern, then, it’s crucial to define your internship goals before resuming at your placement. Ask yourself, “What do I aim to achieve by the end of my internship?” Writing down these objectives and reminding yourself of them daily will provide direction for your daily activities in your placement. Finding an internship placement might seem easy, however, the true value lies in what you aim to learn and contribute throughout the experience.

Becoming a SESEWA intern opens doors for personal growth and self-discovery. It provides a platform for learning, contributing, and acquiring essential skills needed and relevant to your career choice. It’s no secret that many Nigerian undergraduates and graduates struggle to determine their career paths after school, and some are often unaware of the opportunities their fields of study offer in the workplace. However, interning with SESEWA helps illuminate the path, chasing doubts and confusion surrounding career choices. . The experience will also help you discover a career, decide if you’re to make a career change or move on with the career you’ve chosen for yourself.
Through SESEWA Internship experience, you’ll learn to prioritize effectively, strive for excellence, seize opportunities, venture into new projects, and, most importantly, maintain an optimistic outlook. It encourages you to explore new facets of yourself and discover unknown interests.
For me personally, interning with SESEWA was transformative. It also enhanced my confidence, particularly in interacting with individuals older than myself as this was a problem for me before the internship. Interning with SESEWA diversified beyond a routine as I tried my hands on new projects I never thought of doing before. The most rewarding aspect of my internship was the practical knowledge gained relating to Nigerian Youths and the unemployment landscape in Nigeria.
Being a SESEWA intern is like embarking on a journey of self-realization. It strengthens your values, heightens awareness of your strengths and purpose, and ignites a drive to excel beyond academic boundaries.