Getting ready for SESEWA Internship


Think about it: You searched, applied, wrote a test, got interviewed and finally got an internship. Whoop!!! This is the ideal process of landing an internship placement through SESEWA, Nigeria’s first internship organization. There are no hard rules to finding an internship through SESEWA if they have opportunities available in your area of career interest and if you fit into the ideal “SESEWA Candidate” tag.

There are two categories available if you intend to apply to us for an internship. They are, “The Paid” and “The Unpaid” internship categories. The unpaid internships are majorly for secondary school leavers and undergraduates who do not necessarily have the skills needed to deliver value effectively in the workplace but are itchy to learn and acquire knowledge relating to a chosen career or “yet to be” career path. These candidates are sometimes given an “appreciation” package at the end of the internship program even though this isn’t a compulsion. The paid internships are majorly for fresh graduates who are yet to participate in the National Youth Service Corps Program or who just finished their NYSC Program and are not conversant with the employability skills needed in the world of work. These internships allow them gain valuable skills and experiences in a timeframe of six months or less, preparing them thoroughly before entering the workforce.

Occasionally, some are offered full-time positions upon completing their internship. This equips them with the necessary confidence and experience to pursue employment opportunities aligned with their career path.
SESEWA Internships are for only candidates who are interested in learning and developing themselves. It is for smart, hardworking, intelligent, focused and goal oriented individuals in secondary schools, tertiary institutions and fresh graduates who are ready to better their lives, make good career choices and impact the world today.

In getting ready for SESEWA Internship, be optimistic and prepared to become a better person than you were. Interning with us will expand your mindset, improving your thinking, behavior, communication, and more.

Getting an internship through SESEWA is a simple process that lets you apply online (, upload your CV, write a simple test and go in for an interview. In preparing for the interview, make sure to research on the industry you are interested in and articulate your reasons wisely. Introduce yourself using a simple format – Name, Education, Experience and Skills. Communicate confidently why you are the ideal candidate for an internship with us.